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Release will be the second week of October.

From the International Bestselling Author, Saxon Andrew comes his newest book, Nemesis-Revenge is Best Served Hot.  Two genetically modified human babies have been taken to the Choten-Zan Monastery to be raised to adulthood.  The ancient priests have agreed to teach them their best hand-to-hand combat techniques and develop their speed and reflexes.  The two children are sent away on their eighteenth birthday with a small warship and space armor that was left for them by the one that delivered them to the Zan.

That’s all they received when they left the Monastery and they do not know who they are or where they were born.  They kidnap a Werstag Engineer on a planet where they are attacked by hundreds of Yellow Armored Warriors.  He tells them that they are a species called human and that their attackers are from a civilization that destroyed their home world.  Grant and Cinny decide that the species that destroyed Earth will pay for their crime.  But first they have to find an invincible warship named Orion’s Sword to make that happen.

The Werstag tells them that they were created to be the Orion’s pilots and the Yellow Species knows the danger they represent.  It’s a race to see if the Raiders can kill the two before they find the most powerful warship in the universe.

This Weeks Featured Author, Saxon Andrews


I am a former high school coach and classroom teacher and I really enjoyed the challenges of working with my students. I left teaching and worked for a major corporation and then owned my own business. I decided to sit down one day about three years ago and write a science fiction story. I’ve loved science fiction my entire life and have read so many books from the great masters that have shaped my view of the world and cosmos. My wife urged me to give it a go and publish the books I had written; she felt I was a great story teller and that others might enjoy my rather over active imagination. The first book was Annihilation – love Conquers All. Before I knew it, five books had found their way on to my laptop. I allowed friends to read them and the response was overwhelming. I decided to publish them on Amazon Kindle. I have discovered a few things since.

I found out that there were thousands that enjoyed my books and bought all three of the first trilogy making all three books best sellers on Amazon. I also discovered that there were others who pointed out that I have a lot to learn about writing style, grammar, sentence structure and so many other things. I agree with them. I am a work in progress. However, my intent is to entertain and produce a story that keeps the reader turning pages. I write so that anyone can enjoy the story. I keep it clean so that parents won’t have to worry about their children reading my books.

I want science fiction fans, like myself, to stay up all night trying to finish the story. I write like I speak. I do recognize that I have some work ahead to become a more accomplished writer but the only way to grow is to continue writing. I have also discovered that I do have a passion to provide books for those that enjoy my stories. I do hope that I never get so caught up in style that I lose the ability to produce an entertaining story.

There, you’re warned. Now hold on to your seat and get into the seven science fiction series I’ve created. Have I got some stories for you.

Saxon Andrew is the number one international bestselling author of the Annihilation Series, Lens of Time, and Star Chase series. He lives in Tampa, Florida with his wife and has thirty books published on Amazon Kindle. He is ranked as one of the top thirty science fiction authors in America.

Hungry, Hungry, Dinosaurs….Run…Just Run.

Hungry, Hungry, Dinosaurs....Run...Just Run.

The Time Takers (Trapped in Time) [Kindle Edition]

Book one in a new series by the International Bestselling Author, Saxon Andrew, Trapped in Time-The Time Takers is a must read that will keep your attention through the last page. Throughout history, humans have been saved a moment before they died. Those that are taken, awake to find themselves in a strange new world different from anything they had ever seen. They discover that some agency has taken them out of the time they lived and dropped them into the early Cretaceous Age. They are now faced with surviving in a world that was called the Golden Age of the Dinosaurs. Not only must they learn how to survive the giant carnivores but also survive other humans. They are challenged to build a civilization ninety million years before the first Homo sapiens appeared on Earth. The humans struggling to survive wonder if the Time Takers are a larger danger than any they face in the prehistoric world they now inhabit. One of them is determined to find out why they were taken and his quest could endanger everyone.

Excerpt from: The Time Takers

Suddenly, the cave was filled with a deafening roar. Everyone in the cave turned, grabbed their ears and looked to the left, where they saw an opening in the cave wall at the end of a short corridor. Something was filling the opening. Andy was stunned at what he saw. This was a nightmare that could only come from an overdose of bad drugs.
Everyone fled across the cave to the wall furthest from the opening. The Romans broke formation and ran with the others. The Roman Leader held his ground and Andy saw he was shocked and frightened out of his wits. It was easy to see why. Andy sprinted across the cave and moved into the short corridor leading to the opening where a giant head with rows of sharp teeth was being pushed further into the cave. He stopped twenty feet from the head, raised the bow and fired an arrow directly into the open mouth of the huge Allosaurus. The giant reptile screamed and jerked its head back out of the opening but not before Andy had notched another arrow and hit it between the eyes with an arrow that buried itself to the fletching. The giant’s roar was silenced as it straightened up and then fell backwards.

Andy put the bow over his shoulder and ran toward the entrance. He saw a large stone wheel on the right side of the opening designed to block the entrance and he ran behind it and tried to push it forward. The roars from outside the cave were getting louder…and numerous; everyone inside could hear that there were more of the nightmares that had stuck its head in the cave outside the opening. He pushed as hard as he could but the wheel was just too heavy to move. There was a channel cut into the floor for it to roll in; but it was just too massive to budge. The Roman Leader sprinted over and started pushing with Andy. They looked out of the opening as they struggled to move the stone wheel and saw ten of the giant carnivores were just outside the entrance surrounding the dead Allosaurus,. They appeared to be trying to determine what killed it. One of them looked at the cave opening and started moving toward it. Ten Samurai and five Vikings arrived at that moment and began pushing with Andy and the Roman. The wheel started moving and then rolled over the entrance just before the dinosaur arrived. The men gathered at the wheel felt it lean into the cave for a moment…and then fall back against the opening.

This book is dedicated to my brother, Wayne. I wish you could have read this one. Thanks for reading Science Fiction to me when I was five years old. You started me on the path that led me to all the stories that spring from my imagination, I miss you and love you.

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