The Overflow: Avoiding the Normal [Kindle Edition]

The Overflow: Avoiding the Normal [Kindle Edition]

What happens when normal people submit themselves to an exceptional God? When they get tired of finding themselves at normal? When they just keep taking the road more travelled? Living a comfortable life is not what Jesus intended when he called Peter to follow Him. Neither is it what He intends for you.

The Overflow: Avoiding the Normal is a clarion call to action from one normal guy to all true followers of Christ who find themselves isolated in a Christian bubble but desperately want to get out. The message is pop the bubble. Get out and follow Christ—no matter where He leads.

Written in a warm and conversational style, it’s an easy read that will stir you to go and make disciples. Getting actively involved in the Great Commission will forever change your perspective about and your involvement in Christian missions.

“Mark it down in all caps. Underline it. Highlight it. Put some asterisks in for good measure. Following Jesus will jack up your plans. Big time.”

Why are you waiting? Start living in the overflow today.

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