Beat Down 1 – Clones [Kindle Edition]

Beat Down 1 - Clones [Kindle Edition]

Russell T. Goode is the most badass thing in existence. Borderline immortal, he is the only seven-times Olympic Power Wrestling Champion in history (and was so good he fought himself in each final), and is the current star of the World Wrestling Organisation, for which he is the reigning Inter-Regional Champion. He can breathe underwater, chew through steel, send messages in radio frequencies only a dog can hear, plus his sweat has magical properties that make it a trace ingredient in the awesome soft drink Beat Down!, as well as a top seller on internet auction sites. On top of everything, he’s a champion for the environment, and has won numerous Nobel Prizes for various things, including persuading every government in the entire world to ban private cars.

However, his arch enemy, Kurt Sniveller, a retired wrestler himself, is up to no good. Always on a mission to take over the world – or at the very least, disrupt Russell’s life – he is in constant need of a good Beat Down. Luckily, Russell is on hand to dish one out.

Fleshed out by a colourful cast of characters including Russell’s best friend Mart – a talking shark, his manager Rip T. Chest, his beautiful girlfriend Belinda, his assistant Marny, and of course the eccentric part chav / part pirate Cap’n Nerv, Beat Down! is a comedy action adventure series like no other.

In Episode 1 – Clones, Kurt Sniveller and his henchmen, the Sprite Squadron, have kidnapped Russell’s brother, Gary. Also missing are hundreds of sharks. As Sniveller’s sinister plot to take over the world is revealed, Russell and his friends must go on a mission to bring the madman and his cronies to their knees.

Michael S. Hunter is a former wrestler. Just like Russell T. Goode, he is also extremely good-looking and muscular. He lives wherever he damn well wants, and spends his time snapping trees with his bare hands and chewing through rocks.

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