The Human Chronicles Saga (Books One & Two) [Kindle Edition]

The Human Chronicles Saga (Books One & Two) [Kindle Edition]

Two Books In One!

Now you can get the first two books in The Human Chronicles Saga for one low price in this completely REVISED & EDITED omnibus edition.
Receive both complete books of: The Fringe Worlds and Alien Assassin for $2.00 off the price of both books bought individually!

This is your chance to follow the adventures of Adam Cain, an ex-Navy SEAL who finds himself dropped into a universe of strange alien beings,
where HUMANS ARE THE SUPERMEN in the galaxy!

in The Fringe Worlds…

Adam Cain is an Alien with an Attitude…

After all, how would you feel if you were abducted by aliens and transported into a strange, new universe away from your home, your family — everything familiar to you? Would it make you happy? Not likely!

Now imagine you’re stronger, faster and more coordinated than every alien you encounter. Would you start kicking some ass? Of course you would!

This is the story of Human superiority in the galaxy, a gritty, realistic profile of a young Navy SEAL who doesn’t like aliens very much — and he makes them pay for disrupting his happy life back on Earth!

Here’s an excerpt:

…Riyad stopped his story and narrowed his eyes at Adam. “You must know by now, my friend, that we Humans have certain advantages over most of the creatures out here. In fact, I understand you bested two Rigorians your first day on Nimor. That is no easy task.”

“I didn’t pick that fight! They challenged me,” Adam said in his defense.

“Oh, I’m not being critical. I’m just pointing out a fact. In the six years I have been out here, I have found creatures who were faster, who were stronger and who were tougher than we are. Some even exhibited remarkable intelligence and coordination. But none combine all these traits into one being like we do. Out here, WE ARE THE SUPERMEN. No, we can’t fly, and we can certainly be killed by the weapons they possess, but none of the creatures I’ve encountered can stand against us in a fair fight.”

Synopsis: Four thousand years ago, the Juireans exterminated the Klin race and then used their technology to forge a galactic empire known as the Juirean Expansion. Now it’s revealed that the Klin still exist — and are in hiding somewhere in The Fringe Worlds. But more than that, the Klin have begun to use the Humans for some secret purpose, a fact that could bring about the total annihilation of the Human race. But only the Klin know Earth’s location, contained in the stolen computer core from a derelict Klin starship. Now Adam must race against the Juireans, as well as the Fringe Pirates, to recover the missing computer core — and find his way home. Adam could care less about the centuries-long feud between the Juireans and the Klin. All he wants to do is get home. And if a galactic empire stands in his way — well too bad for them!

Love him or hate him, Adam Cain is about as REAL as it gets.

in Alien Assassin…

Adam Cain is attempting to survive in the alien universe — as an assassin, when he comes upon a clue that can lead him back home to Earth. But now the Juireans are fast on his trail, so he enlists the help of another alien assassin in his quest for his lost homeworld. Meanwhile, Riyad has problems of his own, as his Fringe Pirates are decimated by the Juireans, leaving him alone and on the run. All the action culminates as Adam builds a tiny army of displaced Humans to fight a pitched battle against the elite Juirean Guards.

With all five books in Part One of the series NOW AVAILABLE on, here is your opportunity to catch up on all the adventure, excitement and just rip-roaring fun of this Best-Selling Hard Science Fiction Series.

Reminiscent of stories from the Golden Age of Science Fiction, The Human Chronicles Saga will have you laughing and fist-pumping all the way through — and always with the underlying message: Don’t Mess With The Humans!

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