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The Package: Book One (The Pakage) [Kindle Edition]
Cleve Sylcox (Author)

David Winters likes Cloak and Dagger Novels, but never thought he would be in an actual mystery. That was until his law partner, Tinsley, asked him to do a simple little favor and he finds himself swept away in intrigue, death, and women.

5.0 out of 5 stars The Case of the Mistaken Identities? June 21, 2014
By John R. Dizon
The Package by Cleve Sylcox is a classic detective noir short story featuring Dave Winter, a hardnosed private eye working for shady lawyer Bill Tinsley. Making a routine delivery to Moe’s, Dave comes across Jackson Farnsworth, Tinsley’s ex-partner who had been presumed dead. Jackson continually refers to Dave as Tinsley, and Winter soon finds that this is just the beginning of his trouble in setting the record straight. He next encounters Al and Louie, a bumbling pair of operatives intent on taking possession of Tinsley’s package. Throw in Angel, a waitress at Moe’s who’s not quite what she seems, and Barbara Welch, a femme fatale, and we’ve got Dave fighting for answers while struggling to stay afloat in a morass of subterfuge that will keep you guessing to the final pages.

The author’s skill in tightly packaging his short story will leave readers begging for more – and Dave Winter is ready. The Package by Cleve Sylcox is waiting to be picked up.

July 4th


You know…I thought about writing something patriotic since July 4th is tomorrow. Then I said, “Nah, I bet everybody is doing that.” Then I thought about another round of plugs, “I bet a bunch of people want good reading during those bar-b-q’s.” Then I lost enthusiasm when I figured fireworks and family would take center stage. So, I decided to write about nothing…nothing at all in particular.

I did think of the Ukraine and the Russian situation, Iraq and Isis, those poor souls crossing our borders to escape a hostile government, and especially our troops stationed all around the world protecting our vital interest abroad.

I thought of our freedoms, Obama, American history, and red coats.

I thought about pork steaks, corn on the cob, and cherry pie.  And Since I could not do anything about those other situations, I decided to fire up some pork steaks, and cook a cherry pie. The corn at the market did not look appetizing.

Happy Fourth of July everyone!





The staircase leads down to

the basement of End House.

Where is the party?

We had expected food

and balloons.

Instead, traps and illusions

are waiting for us.

Should we continue further?

Or should we turn back?

No good could come of this.

Who would invite us

to a fake party?

And why?

We must find out who is

controlling our town.

Who is killing the residents

of Oasis?

We won’t stop searching until

we find some answers.

The Dead Game has begun.





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