All alone? Do you hear voices? If you do what do they tell you? Read, the Voices In My Head and find out one mans delima….Must Read!


The Voices in My Head
Sean Bowers is haunted by the voices in his head. He struggles to keep a grip on reality, but the voices threaten his sanity. They also challenge the law, pressuring Sean to do terrible, evil things he can’t even consider. The voices continue, and he eventually loses the fight against them, giving in to their demands.

As he is propelled into a world of murder and crime, his actions feel beyond his control—and yet, at the same time, he feels justified. The horrible occurrences that surround Sean soon cast a shadow on his small neighborhood. The townspeople want justice. Even his family finds it impossible to be on his side, turning against Sean with disastrous consequences.

As the voices continue, secrets come to light that make it clear Sean’s troubles are not merely madness, but something much darker. With this new knowledge and the help of his remaining loved ones, will Sean return to a semblance of sanity—or will he allow the voices inside to permanently alter his fate?