So Little Time

Beautiful sensual girl in a lonely field

Why do I find so little time,
To talk to you anymore,
After all it is not a crime,
To talk to the one I adore,

In the hallway you pass by,
I say nothing as if it’s taboo,
I ask myself over again why,
Without you I’m so blue,

Hold me in the night,
Kiss me in the daylight,
Warm me all over again,
I need you more than then,

Soft lips that whisper,
Gentle fingers that touch,
I dream of you every night,
I want hold you oh so much.

Empty hands hold no promise,
Unspoken words never linger,
Love not given passes,
With no ring on my finger.

So as time ticks by I see,
In the darkness surrounding me,
An emptiness growing deeper,
Alone where there once was thee.


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