You would think by winning a Mega Jackpot your worries would come to a screeching halt… You would think that and you would be dead!



Lottery [Kindle Edition]

Kimberly Shursen

In this psychological thriller, nothing is what it seems. Caleb O’Toole has hit the mega lottery jackpot—but no amount of money can eradicate the malevolent force that is chasing him and threatening everything he holds dear.

With murder, suspense, and deceit at every turn, Caleb will do what it takes to hold onto the woman he’s vowed to never let go and prevent her from finding out the truth. But when he learns that someone is secretly trying to unravel his deadly past and expose him, Caleb’s mind goes to an even darker place.

From the San Francisco suburbs of Chinatown and Pacific Heights, to Shanghai, no one knows what Caleb is capable of—not even himself.

Once again, Kimberly Shursen, author of Itsy Bitsy Spider and Hush, has spun a riveting story that will keep you guessing until the surprising end.

Editorial Review: As loyal fans of Shursen know, her novels pull no punches. The same can be said for Lottery. Fast-paced, rich with intrigue and thought-provoking, this book keeps you guessing to the last page. The main character, Caleb O’Toole, is an anti-hero you can love and hate within the span of a few pages. But no matter how you feel about him, you won’t be able to put the book down until you know what he does next.
Katie French – author of The Breeders Series

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