Are you Ready for a Mechanized Steam Punk Anthology? Me too…Hey Wait! Me first!




Mechanized Masterpieces: A Steampunk Anthology [Kindle Edition]

Anika Arrington , Alyson Grauer , Aaron Sikes , A. F. Stewart , Scott William Taylor , Neve Talbot, M. K. Wiseman , David W. Wilkin , Belinda Sikes , Penny Freeman

What would you do if your child was murdered? Detective Dorian Sil went beyond the ends of the Earth to track down the conspirators behind his daughter’s death in J.L. Young’s scifi novel “Veiled Stars.”

Year 2215… A coronal mass ejection has irradiated the Earth leaving a thick cloud known as the Veil. All life has been collected into ecological systems known as Ecos.
Detective Dorian Sil finds his daughter murdered. The evidence points to two thugs. An emotionally devastated Sil takes matters into his own hands. While he exacts revenge Sil acquires information leading him to Hadrian Forsythe, the leader of a nefarious syndicate, who ordered the murder. Forsythe was exiled to the surface, that’s where Sil has to go. Sil turns himself in.
With the aid of an AI implanted in his skull, Sil locates the artificial aquifer where Forsythe is known to rule.
He infiltrates the heavily guarded water storage facility in hopes of capturing and bringing Forsythe to justice… Sil’s justice. During his pursuit he uncovers a conspiracy, that if set in motion would lead to the extinction of mankind.

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