Suzie O’Connell Is Superb in her New Release – First Instinct


First Instinct (Hammond Brothers Book 1) [Kindle Edition]

Suzie O’Connell

Return to Northstar, Montana, where love and friendship triumph, with the HAMMOND BROTHERS, a new series of Northstar Romances.

Nick Hammond and Beth Carlyle have been friends since birth but have always been content to obey the rule that friends shouldn’t be lovers. During their final year of college, when Beth’s boyfriend does the unthinkable, Nick jumps in to protect her and finds himself in a war between his loyalty and his integrity. As boundaries shift, feelings long ignored rise to the surface, jeopardizing Nick’s relationship with his girlfriend, his college education, and his future. Those aren’t the only consequences of that traumatic night, however, and before Beth can figure out if it’s simple gratitude or something much more she feels for Nick, she’ll have to overcome her fears in order to keep him out of trouble.

First Instinct (Book 1)
Twice Shy (Book 2)
Once Burned (Book 3) – Forthcoming

Mountain Angel (Book 1)
Summer Angel (Book 2)
Wild Angel (Book 3)
Forgotten Angel (Book 4) – Forthcoming

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