Never Give Up…think you’re having a bad day…try dealing with it all plus fighting cancer. It is all about perspective.


Well where do I begin?
One of the things that grabs you when life gets tough, is just how strong the human mind can be! I was sailing through the stresses and strains of modern life, when right out of the blue, my seemingly great life was blown apart by the news of the Big C word! Yes, I had that unimaginable diagnosis, cancer, the one you never hope to hear (hence my epic hairstyle).
It’s at that point, you wonder what’s next and what to do! Well, in my case, I dug deep, the deepest I’ve ever dug in my short life, and believe me I’ve been through some things I wouldn’t want anybody to have to go through.
Have you ever thought something has happened for a reason?
This was my thought exactly. Here’s how this book and hopefully many more to come, came about.I had the idea whilst on a family holiday to Florida, USA, back in 2010, it stayed an idea for a few months after returning. Until my wife, or should I say my rock, my best friend and mother to my two fantastic and talented children, encouraged me with the words; “You have to write these down, they are fantastic!” as I made up yet another story for our children. Well I kind of took her advice this time and started putting pen to paper, or should I say fingers to tablet. After a few thousand words, the idea sat there waiting for me to carry on, never finding the time to do so. This is where that thing happened for a reason. My former job was very demanding and physical, and with the kind of Cancer I had and where it was, this stopped me from continuing in this line of work. Then unfortunately I had a reaction to the chemotherapy, leaving me with severe nerve damage all over.
All that aside I’ve never once lost my positivity. I took thebull by the horns and danced to the rhythm of the drip-stand. Making the most of what life had to throw at me! After all this isn’t a trial run! So here goes.Thank you for taking the time to read my profile, I hope you enjoy the books.

J Taylor

4 thoughts on “Never Give Up…think you’re having a bad day…try dealing with it all plus fighting cancer. It is all about perspective.

  1. Thank you so much Cleve for the fantastic links over the last two days, as most new authors know it’s hard to tread water in this vast ocean of book. So when someone as nice as Cleve does this, it makes you realise there are some really nice human beings left in this world.
    Thank you Cleve, you are a star in the galaxy of kindness. 👽
    Jonathan Taylor


    • Wow, thank you sir…It is tough for us Indies to find the money to promote, pay bills, and the time write while working a full time job. We all wear a vast variety of hats. It doesn’t help when cancer, death, hurricanes, floods, war or whatever hands us further problems So, if I can help get the word out then I feel I’ve done my part to help curb a little of the burden.

      Live Long and Prosper – Spock


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