He’s The No Where Man…Love this Author!

He's The No Where Man...Love this Author!

The Man From Newella I – The Sheriff’s Tale [Kindle Edition]

Welcome to the Crimson Age

On July 14, 2081, the sky rained blood, the animals turned against humanity, and the shadows learned how to walk the dead. It didn’t take long for our fragile civilization to crumble.

That was the beginning of the Crimson Age, which lasted the better part of two decades. Life was tough in those days. Humanity was spiraling downward and there seemed to be no way out.

Then he came.

Most people say he was from Newella, Earth’s first lunar colony. Truth is, nobody really knows. Far as the world was concerned, he was nobody and he came from nowhere.

He came and he changed… everything.

The Sheriff’s Tale is the exciting first story in the Man From Newella series. Each novella is designed to be fast and fun, able to be read in one to two sittings (this issue is around 20,000 words).

This series is about the early adventures of the man from Newella, before he became a legend.

So kick back and enjoy your time in the Crimson Age. Life’s rough here, but it’s never boring.

And remember, there’s plenty more on the way. This is just the beginning…

Featured Author Of The Week – Brandon Hale

Featured Author Of The Week - Brandon Hale

Brandon Hale grew up in a small Virginia town. A lover of horror, sci-fi, and adventure stories, he wrote his first full length novel when he was 17. In the decades since, he has written nonstop, producing multiple novels and short stories. Brandon’s first published novel was The Gods and the Builders. Shortly after that, his second novel – Day Soldiers – was released. Since then, he has continued the Day Soldiers series, released a collection of short stories, and released a Day Soldiers “survival manual.” Brandon still lives in Virginia with his wife Laura and is still writing constantly.