Did Someone Mention Dragons? I’m in…

Did Someone Mention Dragons? I'm in...

Redemption of the Sorcerer, The Crystalon Saga, Book One [Kindle Edition]

Best New Author Nominee for the 2014 New Pulp Awards!

The Epic Fantasy adventure begins here! Crystalon is a sorcerer of unprecedented power. He is the ruler of his world and universe. But Crystalon is still a man, and not a God. What happens when that man, after centuries of immortal life and power loses his way, giving in to human temptations until he is finally seduced by the power he wields?
What follows is an epic adventure that spans two universes, while the man caught in the midst of it all seeks redemption from his past sins. But will he see the error of his ways in time to save both universes from an evil, nigh unstoppable enemy, and utter annihilation? Or will an incalculable amount of innocent souls be damned to an eternity of enslavement and doom?
‘Redemption of the Sorcerer’ is an epic fantasy novel that will have you on the edge of your seat to the very last page!

Mutants, Randers, Soldiers…Gabriel has his hands full…will he survive?

Mutants, Randers, Soldiers...Gabriel has his hands full...will he survive?

The Untold Mystery Of The Phoenix

In a land that was once the home of a very advanced people called the Chalri, now is the home of chaos, death, dis-pare, and more pressing War. A people that was once so advanced they’re now scraping to survive the harsh land around them. They now try to fight a war against the very enemy that destroyed their entire culture, an enemy that keeps them from going back to their former glory, and that enemy is the Mutants. Now In this land of destruction and chaos is a silent cry for change, a cry for someone to break away from the beliefs of an ancient Prophecy, a cry for someone to take a stand and create the change they need. In a small village called Chalro that cry will be heard. As a young man by the name of Gabriel faces many different challenges on the way. He doesn’t just face the Mutant threat but also what the land has to offer such as, Randers, Rogue Soldiers, and vicious animals, Among other personal battles as well. With his friends at his side He will face his greatest struggles, with them by his side He will face what He is destined to be, not just a leader but much more then what he ever thought.

Three woman married to Count Dracula tell their story…Be ready to be scared, definitely scared.

Three woman married to Count Dracula tell their story...Be ready to be scared, definitely scared.

Being Mrs. Dracula (Being Mrs. Dracula Series) [Kindle Edition]

When Valeria’s hand was given in marriage to the handsome and powerful Count Vlad Dracula, she dreamed of happiness but instead her life was filled with longing for her absent husband, their country ravaged by war. When Vlad at last returned from the battlefield he was a changed man, an alluring and dangerous creature with a thirst for her blood…and for more wives.

For over one hundred years, tales of Count Dracula have haunted and seduced the imagination of readers worldwide. Now experience the story of Dracula from a new perspective, as told by the three women who knew him best. Discover their stories, their secrets, and find out what it would be to love and be loved by history’s most powerful vampire in Being Mrs. Dracula.

In a marriage that spans centuries, one man shared between three women, love may be eternal but happiness is not guaranteed.

Immortals Agianst Vampires…Read, Read, Read….

Immortals Agianst Vampires...Read, Read, Read....

The Turning [Kindle Edition]

Seventeen year old Marisa James has never been popular growing up, but after moving into the small town of Sterling, South Dakota, she finds herself at the center of attention of three handsome Russian brothers. Alessander, Demetri, and Ra’vin Arromanovokzja are immortals who are content to lead invisible lives among humans until they are drawn to Marisa. They befriend her in order to learn more about their attraction to her but when they learn of a secret that even she isn’t aware of, they must make a choice that would alter all of their lives forever. Marisa is a vampire, but one not yet turned. A vampire’s turning is a most dangerous event that usually results in numerous deaths. Unable to leave Marisa to face her turning alone, the brothers adopt her into their family in the hopes of preventing a tragedy although they now place their own lives in danger as well.

Open Page One And Be Inspired, Reflect…

Open Page One And Be Inspired, Reflect...

Bolts From The Blue [Kindle Edition]

‘Bolts From The Blue’ is an out-of-the-box, inspirational daily reader, comprising the often disarmingly humorous yet poignantly prophetic musings of Irish Contemplative, Dylan Morrison. It sheds fresh light on the spiritual life and Divine Love, that Transcendent, yet Immanent Source from which all emerge and to Whom all shall return.

Each short reflection holds a key to Self discovery and personal freedom, advocating a new perspective on the Nazarene and His radical spiritual message. Morrison leads us out of our preconceived take on all things spiritual, leaving us in the more than capable hands of Divine Mystery, that much sought-after pearl of great price. If you are a recovering religious junkie or a novice spiritual seeker then this is the book for you.