What would you do if Aliens were real? If they came and talked with us? Gotta Read This!!

What would you do if Aliens were real? If they came and talked with us? Gotta Read This!!

The Gods and the Builders [Kindle Edition]

At first, we didn’t know why they came. And once we found out, we wished we hadn’t asked.

Lauren’s life had reached a turning point. She had no idea what the future held. She wasn’t sure about her job or her marriage. Life had become too complex, and she didn’t like it. Then they came, and everything changed…

The Gods and the Builders is Brandon Hale’s very intimate view of an extremely monumental event: Alien visitation. His exciting new novel deals with the event in a very powerful way. It’s not about the government’s reaction. It’s about four average people who must deal with this life changing event.

When the world changes, what in your life will still matter… and what won’t?

Returning home sometimes changes your life forever…Must Read!

Returning home sometimes changes your life forever...Must Read!

Bleeding Star Chronicles #1 – A Sort of Homecoming (The Bleeding Star Chronicles) [Kindle Edition]

This original sci-fi novella serial follows the adventures of Galin Winchester, an intergalactic treasure hunter who searches for valuable artifacts- both human and alien- that have long been lost and forgotten by time. But when he and the crew of his starship, the Katara, finally hit it big, they don’t have long to celebrate. Rumors of war surround them as they race back to Earth in a battle damaged starship. And what they find when they get back home will change the course of their lives forever.

This book is also available as part of the Bleeding Star Chronicles Collection 1

Contains adult subject matter not suitable for children.

Killing the dead is tough work, but there is a way…read and find out the secret.

Killing the dead it tough work, but there is a way...read and find out the secret.

Extreme Liquidation (Caitlin Diggs) [Kindle Edition]

Black magic threatens humanity with Extreme Liquidation. The only thing preventing occultist Aleister Crowley from ascension is reincarnation. Trapped in human form again, he’s manipulating political events to bring about the End Times and achieve what he believes to be his true destiny. FBI Agent Caitlin Diggs has a secret gift that could stop him, but Crowley’s no ordinary enemy. He knows something she doesn’t, and tampers with her ability, twisting it to serve his own agenda. Will she uncover the truth in time to save all mankind?