One book, No, Try 9…Nine Of The Biggest Names and you can have them all for .99 Cents

One book, No, Try 9...Nine Of The Biggest Names and you can have them all for .99 Cents

9 More Killer Thrillers [Kindle Edition]

9 More Killer Thrillers! 9 More Full-Length Thriller Novels – 9 Bestselling Authors – One Low Price – $.99 For Limited Time

A second bundle from the authors that brought you 9 Killer Thrillers, with over 150,000 sold! Same incredible value, different titles!

JET – Russell Blake
Irretrievably Broken – Melissa F. Miller
Never Go Home – L.T. Ryan
The Critical Element – John L. Betcher
The Dark Path – Luke Romyn
Thirteen to None – Claude Bouchard
The Devil’s Cauldron – Michael Wallace
Crazy Days in Big Lake by Nick Russell
The Delilah Complex by MJ Rose

* Thousands of reviews & average ratings of 4.4, 4.6, even 4.7 stars
* Hundreds of thousands of copies of each already in distribution
* Sustained Top 100 authors

The Blurbs:

JET by Russell Blake

JET – the code name of a former Mossad operative who faked her own death to escape the clandestine life. But the past doesn’t let go of its secrets easily, and when old enemies hunt her down she is forced to kill or be killed in a deadly conflict that spans the globe. A breakneck thriller in the tradition of Bourne and Bond, JET is a non-stop adrenaline rush that redefines the genre.

Irretrievably Broken by Melissa F. Miller

Irretrievably Broken features the return of fierce and fearless attorney Sasha McCandless. Someone’s killing the female partners at her old firm, and she’s asked to represent their accused husbands. The cases put a strain on her own relationship, but that’s the least of her troubles, because the real killer is waging a vendetta for a past case gone wrong: and there’s one more lawyer on his list.

Never Go Home by L.T. Ryan

When a woman is found brutally murdered in a small Florida town, Jack Noble breaks his vow to never return home in order to assist the local sheriff with her investigation. As the hunt for the killer intensifies, Jack realizes his past as a government assassin has come back to haunt those closest to him.

The Critical Element by John L. Betcher

The theft of a mysterious meteor leads Beck, Beth, Gunner and Bull to uncover a terror plot that threatens the country’s largest shopping mall. Meanwhile, the FBI, CDC and CIA attempt to defuse a large-scale biological attack and avert a crippling pandemic.

The Dark Path by Luke Romyn

Vain, a man versed in torture and death, is chosen to protect a boy whose sacrifice will release Satan’s lieutenant from the pits of Hell. Armageddon sits upon the horizon and all that stands in its way is a man whose path has always been dark.

Thirteen to None by Claude Bouchard

Home invasions were the new pastime for Butch Kincaid and his criminal crew during their nomadic summer vacations… Drunken orgies of terror, destruction, rape and murder… Until they chose the wrong home…

The Devil’s Cauldron by Michael Wallace

Paralyzed and locked in, Meggie can’t tell anyone what really happened the night of her accident seven years earlier. Now, for the first time, there’s hope for a cure — and there are those who will kill to keep it away from her…

Crazy Days in Big Lake by Nick Russell

Everybody seems to have gone crazy in Big Lake; neighbors are threatening violence, eco-protestors are on the march, flower children are camping in the forest, the grocery store manager has locked himself in his office and won’t come out, bears are chasing dogs into houses, and a retired couple have shot an intruder during a home invasion. By the time it’s over more blood will be shed and the good people of Big Lake will be left wondering just how well they really know their neighbors.

The Delilah Complex by MJ Rose

The Scarlet Society is a secret club of twelve powerful and sexually adventurous women. But when a photograph of the body of one of the men they’ve recruited to dominate is sent to the New York Times, they are shocked and frightened. Unable to cope with the tragedy, the women turn to NYC sex therapist Dr. Morgan Snow. But their grief counseling quickly becomes a murder investigation.

our times

about these things


Our Times are in Thy hand
1. Our times are in Thy hand;
O God, we wish them there;
Our lives, our souls, our all, we leave
Entirely to Thy care.
2. Our times are in Thy hand:
Whatever they may be;
Pleasing or painful, dark or bright,
As best may seem to Thee.
3. Our times are in Thy hand;
Why should we doubt or fear?
A father’s hand will never cause
His child a needless tear.
4. Our times are in Thy hand;
Jesus, the Crucified,
Whose hand our many sins have pierced,
Is now our guard and guide.
5. Our times are in Thy hand;
We’ll always trust to Thee,
Till we possess the promised crown,
And all Thy glory see.

Lyrics: William F. Lloyd: 1824
Photo by Cheryl Cook

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Troll Reviewers



1. A person who has no life.

2. A censor whose only goal is a bash any book that may contain content that they disprove of.

3. A grammar Nazi.

4. Generally gives 1 star reviews.

5. Works for or has written a book similar to the one they are bashing in order to lower the books rankings.

6. To make themselves feel as if they have control over something.

7. Uses aliases.

8. Has not read the book they are bashing with the one star review.

9. Uses the same review for all their reviews. Cut and paste, (These are actual one star reviews on books with dozens of great reviews including more then 10 – 5 star reviews. Typo’s and punctuation not altered).

there are too many misspellings in this book to enjoy it. it seems like it was never read before being uploaded to ****** and that’s a shame because I liked the idea behind the story. Unfortunately I don’t think I managed to read more than 10-15 pages before I had to quit out of disgust for the authors lack of understanding of how the English language is used!


I should have figured that I wouldn’t like it from the awkward title. But I gave it a chance; didn’t get very far into it and had to quit. First of all, it was written in the present tense, which to me sounds juvenile. Then I couldn’t get past the need for editing. It was so full of errors in sentence structure, punctuaton, grammar and spelling that it was hard to get past these distractions.


This very short book is full of typos and wrong words. Plus it doesn’t tell a story that makes sense. Skip this one.

These same reviews, word for word, can be found on two of my books.

10. Trolls turn to stone when the light shines on them.

I guess you could look at these Trolls in two different ways.

1. They are called Trolls, because like their dim-witted cousins, they are dim-witted, cause panic, and raise the stress levels of the authors they review.

2. They are like fisherman trolling about and when they catch a book who is ranked higher than theirs, or one they fear may out sale or out produce their own they bash it.

What can be done?

Nothing really…they use aliases. They set up false accounts and then bash away.

In all fairness to these Trolls…they do a service, sort of. In my case, it made me look a lot closer at how I edit, although I disagree with their techniques. Before I found out these were Troll reviews I panicked. I had a couple of three star reviews that indicated editing issues, so I figured these 1 star reviews were just part of the learning curve. I hired an editor. Believe me I needed one. My books are looking much better, but you know, they really were not bad before and my editor concurred.

So what do I do about those reviews, nothing. What can you do? I pray for better reviews to offset the bad ones.

In Daewoo, Vincent – the Main Character, is a Customer Service Agent who kills angry callers. Maybe I should write a squeal along the same lines, Daewoo – Night of the Trolls. A simple story about Killing Trolls…Hmmm, I’ll have to give that some thought.

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Food, Water, and Lots Of Luck…Zombies!

Food, Water, and Lots Of Luck...Zombies!

Zombies vs Robots
Series: Zombies vs Robots, Book 1
By Joseph Cautilli

A desperate tale of survival… A family and their friends frantically battle legions of zombies in a major American east coast city. This family has one advantage, and that is its ability to innovate new technologies, including robots, to increase their chances of survival. Through the use of the robots they are able to reclaim some of their lost world, but zombies are not their only worry. Other survivors are often just as dangerous. Finding sources of food and water prove to be equal and ongoing challenges for them. Follow their movement through joy and despair as they seek to live just another day. If you like the fusion of cyberpunk and graphic horror, then this is the book for you!

One Knock Out After The Other…Got to read it!

One Knock Out After The Other...Got to read it!

Creatures and Crypts [Kindle Edition]

Creatures of the living and the dead gather in a volume of over 70,000 words to stalk their prey…humans. 20 stories set the scene for a cast ranging from the Grim Reaper, shambling zombies and restless spirits, to unimaginable monsters that only inhabit the shapeless darkness and the author’s imagination. Join them as they wreak havoc on their unsuspecting victims and celebrate with a victory dance on hollowed bones!
New and previous published material can be found in Creatures and Crypts, including the second place winner of the New Bedlam short story contest—Unknowable.