Woohoo…Finally a flying car…well sort of…

CNN Report: DO NOT Let Your Husband See This!!!
Daredevils and adventurers of all kinds will go crazy for this adult toy… I’d hide this from my husband if I were you!

Part all-terrain dune buggy, part light-sport aircraft, the Skyrunner is the ultimate recreational sports vehicle! After almost three years in development, this power parachute dune buggy is on track to hit the market in 2014. Made by UK company Parajet International, the vehicle has a turbo engine and propeller in the back and it’s apparently very easy to use. Best of all, you don’t need a runway. This baby can cruise through any open space area. Please SHARE if you want to try the Skyrunn

The Package and The Package II Now on Sale


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David Winters likes Cloak and Dagger Novels, but never thought he would be in an actual mystery. That was until his law partner, Tinsley, asked him to do a simple little favor and he finds himself swept away in intrigue, death, and women.

Revenge, the second book of, The Package series finds David Winters receiving threatening messages, chased by goons, and shot at by his infatuations. In this Noir detective drama you will witness Murder, Sex, and an unfolding mystery leaving you gasping for breath and on the edge of your seat.

The Saga Continues…hang on to your seat…you’r not going to put this down…like ever.

The Saga Continues...hang on to your seat...you'r not going to put this down...like ever.

Saga of Menyoral: The Service [Kindle Edition]

Since becoming Squire to Vandis Vail, Dingus has had the best — and worst — year of his life. The Knights of Air, still reeling from the slaughter last summer, converge on Knightsvalley for the annual Longday Moot, which includes the Qualification Trials for Knighthood.
Dingus’s nerves are on the breaking point regarding the Trials, which he desperately wants to pass, but Vandis isn’t concerned. Besides, the Head has his own worries, given the growing rumors about his personal life, a demanding Duke, and disturbing news from Muscoda.
Krakus’s frustration with Lech pushes him ever more deeply into the world of Section One, and he finds fulfillment in teaching. When Lech lashes out, it opens an irreparable rift between the two Brothers…and sends Krakus back into the Queen of Heaven’s service.