A strange land…A young woman…Death stalks her…Will she make it out alive?

A strange land...A young woman...Death stalks her...Will she make it out alive?

R.E.M.: The Hidden World (Shattered Sky Series) [Kindle Edition]

The unsuspecting Emily is elated to celebrate her eighteenth birthday. The pivotal mark of adulthood and freedom is at last upon her. However, when cast into a strange land, each answer only births more questions. The most prevailing being: Will she make it out alive?

NEW RELEASE!!! Daewoo Trilogy – Audio

NEW RELEASE!!! Daewoo Trilogy  - Audio

Daewoo -Trilogy [Unabridged] [Audible Audio Edition]

If you want to kill Me, You have to kill me where I live…In…Your….Head!

There are those who believe demons lurk only in the world of fantasy. Then there are those who see fallen Angels, devils and demons with wings of fire. Vincent sees them, he hears them, and feels their control. He knows all too well how real they are. Daewoo – Trilogy, is a fast-paced complete novel about a cripple, Vincent Vandermel, who sold his soul to a demon called, Marax. Marax wants not only Vincent’s soul but young women souls as well. The duo leads detectives and the FBI on a fast-paced, cross-country chase through Meyersville, RI., Everson LA., and finally St. Louis, MO.