Happy Mothers Day, Mom!

Happy Mothers Day, Mom!

An Owl

She loved owls.
All sorts of them,
Filled her house,
Over flowing gems,

We gave them to her,
She sat them proud,
Displaying on shelf’s,
She laughed aloud.

When she passed,
We collected them all,
Hundreds we counted,
Some were on walls,

An owl hoots outside,
My window now,
It’s her voice I hear,
In the trees lofty boughs,

I lay and listen,
I fall asleep,
In my heart,
An owl I keep.

This Weeks Featured Author Shirley Bourget

This Weeks Featured Author Shirley Bourget

Shirley Bourget is the Author of Epic Paranormal Fantasy and Romance.

She currently lives in East Texas with her husband and is learning how to be 100% Redneck.

When not writing, Shirley enjoys painting, photography, and long walks around the lake where she lives.

To learn more about Shirley’s writing and to read samples of her work, you can visit her website – http://www.shirleybourget.com

or follow her on Twitter – http://twitter.com/ShirleyBourget

or visit her FaceBook Author page – http://www.facebook.com/sbauthorpage