Hear that? My stomach is growling…I Can’t Wait To Dig Into This!!!


Hear that? My stomach is growling...I Can't Wait To Dig Into This!!!

Miss Terry’s Kitchen [Kindle Edition]

Fulltime RVer Terry Russell has been delighting readers of the Gypsy Journal RV Travel Newspaper for years with her popular recipe column. Now she has assembled nearly 300 of the most popular recipes in one easy to use cookbook that is perfect for both your home and RV kitchen. Here you will find everything from quick snacks to main dishes, breads, and desserts that will make you the hit at your next campground potluck dinner or family gathering.

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Free today! Get yours while there’s still Time!

Free today! Get yours while there's still Time!

Fomorian Earth: Star Borne: 1 [Kindle Edition]

1500 BC — The Isle of Destiny is dominated by Fomorian giants who rule over Humans with an iron fist. The giants are untouchable until the starship Vireo, carrying an advanced race of humanoids, comes crashing to Earth on the eve of Samhain, the bloodiest pagan festival of the year.

The Fomorian giants interpret their arrival as the prophesied Destroyer. Fomorian mission: seek and destroy whatever fell to Earth. Starship mission: stay alive.

Caught in the midst is ship’s officer Brigit, stranded on Earth on the way to her wedding, and one of the barbaric giants has his eye on her. These barbarian giants won’t hesitate to throw you into the sacrificial fire to honor their god Moloch, and they’ll cut off your nose if you don’t pay tribute.

Will Brigit be rescued by her fiance in space, who desperately searches for the lost starship? Or will she fall into the hands of the barbarian giants, ruled by Balor of the Evil Eye?

Five humanoid races are plunged into a battle for supremacy — Fomorian giants, Bigfoots, Humans, extraterrestrial Tirnogians, and Fenn dwarves — as a child of prophecy lives hidden in the shadows, waiting to fulfill his destiny. On the day of reckoning he makes one vow: Today, you will die…

WARNING: Fomorian Earth, the first book in the Star Borne series, contains mature situations, violence, and language. Not recommended for anyone under 18 years of age.

Ladies and Gentlemen, May I introduce to you a new Author, Holli Spaulding

Holli Spaulding

Holli Spaulding

I am a writer, mother, Coast Guard military wife, nerf gun ninja, Guns N Roses addict, and an avid reader. Right now I resided in the beautiful state of Hawaii with my awesome (most of the time) hubby and 4 amazing (unless they are smearing peanut butter on the walls)kids. When I’m not chasing my boys around, or being a troop leader for my daughter’s Girl Scout troop, I enjoy going to the beach and relaxing with my latest book find. I love music, and a lot of my inspiration comes from the songs that I hear. I have a blog that I am truly awful at updating. I’ve maybe written two entries, but If you’d like, follow me for updates on book releases and other random thoughts that I may have!



Debut Book, Holli Spauding … The first of many Best Sellers!!!

Debut Book, Holli Spauding ... The first of many Best Sellers!!!

Alive [Kindle Edition]

Seventeen year old Abigail McCarthy has had anything but an easy life. Struggling with the sudden death of her father, and an addict for a mother, she was forced at a young age to take care of not only herself, but her mother as well. She has grown up keeping her feelings locked away, and hidden deep within her. She tries to put up a good front with her punk rock style, confident attitude, and care free spirit, but inside she’s struggling to keep her head above water.
When Adam Alexander bulldozes his way into her life, despite her best efforts to keep him out, she finds herself falling for the one boy who could truly break her already fragile heart. He becomes her one ray of sunlight in a sea of darkness. But when dark secrets, and an even darker past threaten to surface, will the connection they have be able to stand strong? Or will she lose the one person who makes her feel alive?
Secrets will be revealed.
Relationships will be tested.
And one girl will learn that in order to survive, sometimes you need to open your heart up to someone other than yourself.