Jack the Ripper of St. Louis



Jack the Ripper in St. Louis: Winner of Mayhaven’s Award for Fiction Paperback – February 20, 2013

Fedora Amis won Mayhaven’s Award for Fiction for this Victorian whodunit–Jack the Ripper in St. Louis. The author cleverly weaves a tale of a young woman’s quest to become the next great female reporter. Her adventurous investigation leads to a mad doctor, suspected–by modern researchers–to be the first modern serial killer, the infamous Jack the Ripper.


Thrills, chills, and alittle bit of humor makes Fedora Amis historical mystery novel Jack the Ripper in St Louis a must read. Amis attention to detail, plot development and interesting characters will introduce you to the world of brothels, balls, theBricktop Boarding House and Jack the Ripper. –JudyMoresi, author of Widow’s Walk and Tribal Fires

About the Author

The author lives in suburban St. Louis, where she often dons corsets and hoop skirts to perform as genuine historical figures and imagined characters from the Nineteenth century. In college she earned a double major in English and Speech and still loves both. Teaching offered her the means to study the great works of outstanding American authors. Amis has won numerous awards, including membership in three halls of fame and from state and national speech organizations. She has also been honored for her contributions to the American Association of University Women. Amis has written educational articles as well as books on speaking and logic for the National Federation of High School Activity Associations and the Alan Company. She enjoys travel, and has visited many countries and all 50 states. Her son, Skimmer, partners with her in writing science fiction and fantasy.

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