New Release From K.S. Haigwood & Ella Medler



Eternal Illusion (Eternal Island Book 3) [Kindle Edition]

K. S. Haigwood , Ella Medler

Eternal Island weaves its magical enchantments into every one of its people’s hearts. No one, human or immortal, is immune to the fiery touch of love, But trouble begins to brew anew when, with the last arrival, a malignant entity also makes it onto the island. Seeking to settle an old score first, he relies on dark magic in his pursuit to rule the world.
Manipulative and possessing qualities that make him hard to identify, let alone defeat, he can only be sensed by one person. Katrista’s dreams hold the key, but will anyone believe her, or will they allow an illusion to destroy them all?

This Weeks Sci-Fi/Fantasy Author of the Week – Jonathan G. Meyer

Sci-Fi/Fantasy Author of the week 02/6/2015

Sci-Fi/Fantasy Author of the week 02/6/2015

I have been reading since I was ten years old. Early on I was attracted to Science Fiction, and that interest has not faded. I have read the masters, sometimes more than once, if I ran out of new material. The story of Al Clark has been on my mind for years and I finally had time to bring him to life.