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Writing about angels and demons in his story Nicboth, Cleve Sylcox combines his knowledge of the bible and his own imagination for yet another of his many works of speculative fiction. The author of Gravely Falls, Bedevled:Tales of Macabre, and a sci-fi tale, Nucor which he describes as an action ride into the heart of humankind, Cleve Sylcox was also published in at least five anthologies including Pick Your Poison and Sins of The Past. A writer of many genres, Cleve Sylcox’s civil war story Blood Crow, set in 1861 St. Charles, MO, is a paranormal one of love with battle scenes which takes the breath away. Listen in as Cleve Sylcox reads a selection Blood Crow on this episode.

“As Confederate and Union forces clash in and around the Missouri community of St. Charles, Constance McAdams fights a war of her own. Her mind has been fractured, her heart ravaged, and her soul nearly torn from its very existence. Her husband, Gavin, threatened by a corrupt sheriff and judge, is the binding that holds her together. With a blessing from an old Choctaw woman as her only weapon, she spirals into a maddening world of crows and spirits as she fights the forces pressing in around her.”

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