Review of Terpsichore in Love – Bemused and Bedeviled – Book One


Cleve’s Review of, Terpsichore In Love – Bemused and Bedeviled Book One, By John Tucker

Fantasy- Romance

I do not normally read Romance. I’m more of a Sci Fi, alien, Space Marine, Detective, Sloth, bang-bang, shoot em’ up kind of guy. Throw in a few wizards and dragons and you got my kind of book. Definitely not into romance novellas.

I wanted to read this however, because it is combination of Romance and Fantasy… Goddesses and Lucifer. I have to admit that I was floored by the flow, and smooth transitions. It was definitely a quick read. I was entertained, aroused, held captive, and could not put the book down.

John Tucker’s style captivates you and pulls you into the story. I felt his characters were real living beings. He brings out the human side skillfully displaying emotions and actions.

From the beginning Terri falls for her new neighbor Dan and soon finds the ancient world is not so far away. You will not be disappointed. I would love to tell you more but I’m not a spoiler reviewer. You will have to buy the book and find out for yourself how it all turns out.

Five Star


Book Review – Nightcrawler II – Tryzub


Review of, Nightcrawler II – Tryzub  John Reinhard Dizon

♥♥♥♥♥ – Five Hearts….Highest rating I give a book.

I loved this book and cannot wait for Book Three!!

 Sabrina Brooks, The heiress of the Brooks Chemical Company, works hard to maintain the high standards her father set in place and has done very well. She even surpassed her father’s and set new ones. To say the least, the company is very profitable thanks to her leadership. Who could ask for more, a great leader, intelligent, and good looking to boot. Oh, and did I mention she is also a crime fighter called, Nightcrawler.

Sleek, young, and agile. She uses sharp wits, lightning fast feet and hands, and of course, chemicals to disable those who dare try to force their will on others, rob, murder, or destroy a city. After the Fourth of July where the city would have been a lump of ash if it were not for her heart stopping feats, she retired. Decided it was time to devote her attention to being the head of her father’s company and making sure his legacy lives on through her. But villains have no need for such devotion…

A cure for aids and the threat of terrorist taking advantage of security lapses in the distribution from Russia pulls her out of retirement and back into action. Take a ride if you dare with a lady of the night, the lady they call Nightcrawler.

Book Review – Mini Farming: A Beginners Guide


Mini Farming: A Beginners Guide to Homesteading & Being Self Sufficient With Organic Gardening [Kindle Edition]

Andrew Owens

5 Star Review – Mini Farming: A Beginners Guide to Homesteading & Being Self Sufficient With Organic Gardening.

As a youth, I worked for a man named Ernie Vemon. He owned a large field of several acres complete with a spring-filled quarry owned by the Southern Pacific Railroad. In these fields, he grew everything from green onions to pumpkins. He took advantage of the many kids in the area by paying us $2.50 after school, and a whole $5.00 to work his fields on Saturday. We planted, hoed, picked, and admired his teenage daughters lack of modesty as she bent over and showed us her…anyway, we worked hard. At home, my mother had her garden and I worked it to produced delicious tomatoes, strawberries, and rhubarb. Since then adult responsibility left me with little time to get my fingers dirty.  

When I saw this book, I had to look inside and see what it is all about. Andrew Owens details in easy to follow steps all you need to know about Organic Gardening. He will show you step by step how to choose the right piece of ground, till the soil, and prepare it, how to make rows, and what to plant and when. He will even take you through Livestock Raising if you have the room. As I read this, I was reminded of the days of my youth and I got that old urge to feel the soil in my hands and grow my own food, chemical free.

Book Review of Nightcrawler by John Reinhard Dizon – Vigilante Justice Never Looked So Good


Nightcrawler [Kindle Edition]

John Reinhard Dizon

Cleve Sylcox – Book Review – 5 stars out of 5

 This is pure Dizon…

 Crime fighters who lack super powers are a rarity. Outside of the Batman collective, you have Bronze Tiger, Green Arrow, The Guardians, Nite Owl, and Vigilante to name a few, you can throw Johnny Quest in for good measure. All have a nemesis who are cunning, mean and nasty, just as our heroes are highly intelligent, good, and forthright. Nightcrawler, is all of that and more. She is not your run of the mill heroine either.

 Sabrina Brooks, a once spoiled child grown into a beautiful woman loves to take on challenges, especially fighting bad guys and defending neighborhoods against gangs. By day she is the CEO of Brooks Chemical, the company her father founded and she inherited. By night a crime fighter, wearing ninja clothing and spraying chemicals as weapons. But she isn’t shy about throwing her fist and using power kicks. Just ask her sparing partner and lover, Policeman Hoyt Wexford.  

John R. Dizon, is a gifted storyteller with a knack for placing the reader in the action. Nightcrawler is a fast action packed suspense novel filled with twist and turns, thrills and enough chills to warrant a blanket. With Dizons’ skillful writing you follow Sabrina on a twisted track of government corruption, corruption within the ranks of her company, and ultimately to a fireball in the sky ending guaranteed to leave you speechless

Review of, Nicboth by John R. Dizon

5.0 out of 5 stars Beyond Bush Wildlife?, August 5, 2014
This review is from: Nicboth: The Journey Begins (Kindle Edition)

Nicboth by Cleve Sylcox is an imaginative romp through the worlds of fantasy and sci-fi depicting a dark time in the history of mankind. Sharon Lombardy is a meteorologist from the Melbourne Institute of Climactic Weather investigating a series of torrents that have devastated everything in their path. She has no way of knowing that the paths of a fisherman on Wilbur Lake and a United States Senator in an underground labyrinth will cross hers in a quantum leap towards doomsday. They are among the chosen few who are about to stumble upon a supernatural struggle on which the fate of mankind may rest.

Sylcox’s absurdist style has never been more evident as he sets his sights on the heavenly hosts, coming off his brass-knuckled Package series. Senator Newton wakes up to find himself amidst a think tank of demons set upon eliminating the Judeo-Christian institutions of the earth in an attempt to plunge mankind into an unprecedented dark age. They are led by General Que, an archfiend who is planning to bring the fallen angel Bel into his demon hordes in an assault against Heaven itself. Charles Hanson, a Missouri farmer praying for the torrent, learns that a mysterious black box holds the answers that the Senator and Sharon are seeking. They join with a small band of unlikely allies in an attempt to preserve the light of the world before it is too late.

This is a rollercoaster ride through the madhouse that only Sylcox could engineer. Pick up a copy of Nicboth by Cleve Sylcox and prepare for some devilishly stormy weather.