Review of Terpsichore in Love – Bemused and Bedeviled – Book One


Cleve’s Review of, Terpsichore In Love – Bemused and Bedeviled Book One, By John Tucker

Fantasy- Romance

I do not normally read Romance. I’m more of a Sci Fi, alien, Space Marine, Detective, Sloth, bang-bang, shoot em’ up kind of guy. Throw in a few wizards and dragons and you got my kind of book. Definitely not into romance novellas.

I wanted to read this however, because it is combination of Romance and Fantasy… Goddesses and Lucifer. I have to admit that I was floored by the flow, and smooth transitions. It was definitely a quick read. I was entertained, aroused, held captive, and could not put the book down.

John Tucker’s style captivates you and pulls you into the story. I felt his characters were real living beings. He brings out the human side skillfully displaying emotions and actions.

From the beginning Terri falls for her new neighbor Dan and soon finds the ancient world is not so far away. You will not be disappointed. I would love to tell you more but I’m not a spoiler reviewer. You will have to buy the book and find out for yourself how it all turns out.

Five Star


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