Book Review – Nightcrawler II – Tryzub


Review of, Nightcrawler II – Tryzub  John Reinhard Dizon

♥♥♥♥♥ – Five Hearts….Highest rating I give a book.

I loved this book and cannot wait for Book Three!!

 Sabrina Brooks, The heiress of the Brooks Chemical Company, works hard to maintain the high standards her father set in place and has done very well. She even surpassed her father’s and set new ones. To say the least, the company is very profitable thanks to her leadership. Who could ask for more, a great leader, intelligent, and good looking to boot. Oh, and did I mention she is also a crime fighter called, Nightcrawler.

Sleek, young, and agile. She uses sharp wits, lightning fast feet and hands, and of course, chemicals to disable those who dare try to force their will on others, rob, murder, or destroy a city. After the Fourth of July where the city would have been a lump of ash if it were not for her heart stopping feats, she retired. Decided it was time to devote her attention to being the head of her father’s company and making sure his legacy lives on through her. But villains have no need for such devotion…

A cure for aids and the threat of terrorist taking advantage of security lapses in the distribution from Russia pulls her out of retirement and back into action. Take a ride if you dare with a lady of the night, the lady they call Nightcrawler.

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