Book Review of Nightcrawler by John Reinhard Dizon – Vigilante Justice Never Looked So Good


Nightcrawler [Kindle Edition]

John Reinhard Dizon

Cleve Sylcox – Book Review – 5 stars out of 5

 This is pure Dizon…

 Crime fighters who lack super powers are a rarity. Outside of the Batman collective, you have Bronze Tiger, Green Arrow, The Guardians, Nite Owl, and Vigilante to name a few, you can throw Johnny Quest in for good measure. All have a nemesis who are cunning, mean and nasty, just as our heroes are highly intelligent, good, and forthright. Nightcrawler, is all of that and more. She is not your run of the mill heroine either.

 Sabrina Brooks, a once spoiled child grown into a beautiful woman loves to take on challenges, especially fighting bad guys and defending neighborhoods against gangs. By day she is the CEO of Brooks Chemical, the company her father founded and she inherited. By night a crime fighter, wearing ninja clothing and spraying chemicals as weapons. But she isn’t shy about throwing her fist and using power kicks. Just ask her sparing partner and lover, Policeman Hoyt Wexford.  

John R. Dizon, is a gifted storyteller with a knack for placing the reader in the action. Nightcrawler is a fast action packed suspense novel filled with twist and turns, thrills and enough chills to warrant a blanket. With Dizons’ skillful writing you follow Sabrina on a twisted track of government corruption, corruption within the ranks of her company, and ultimately to a fireball in the sky ending guaranteed to leave you speechless

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