Open Page One And Be Inspired, Reflect…

Open Page One And Be Inspired, Reflect...

Bolts From The Blue [Kindle Edition]

‘Bolts From The Blue’ is an out-of-the-box, inspirational daily reader, comprising the often disarmingly humorous yet poignantly prophetic musings of Irish Contemplative, Dylan Morrison. It sheds fresh light on the spiritual life and Divine Love, that Transcendent, yet Immanent Source from which all emerge and to Whom all shall return.

Each short reflection holds a key to Self discovery and personal freedom, advocating a new perspective on the Nazarene and His radical spiritual message. Morrison leads us out of our preconceived take on all things spiritual, leaving us in the more than capable hands of Divine Mystery, that much sought-after pearl of great price. If you are a recovering religious junkie or a novice spiritual seeker then this is the book for you.

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