Did you get your shots? Read and find out why…

Did you get your shots? Read and find out why...

Designated Infected [Kindle Edition]

Product Description
A plague is sweeping the globe, the Infected lay waste to all in their path, in their desperate bid to satisfy the ravaging hunger that slowly eats away at them. A team of elite Soldiers run by the British Royal Family and aided by their compatriots from around the world, are all that stands between it and the complete annihilation of not only Great Britain but ultimately all mankind. Will they stem the tide of blood threatening to drown the world, or like every one else will they end up Designated Infected.
About the Author
Ricky Cooper, is a 27 year old writer with a love affair of the written word. He is an avid shooter and outdoorsman and loves art and sculpture. He can often be found “when not Writing” spending his time designing and sculpting his own figures and models or designing equipment and characters for his books, a fervent Gay rights activist he spent most of his young adult life alongside his family working for a UK based HIV and Aids charity, where he spent a vast amount of his own personal time and money aiding people suffering from the often deadly afflictions and giving them a chance at a better quality of life. He lives with his family in West Wales in the UK. for upcoming works and information on current editions find him at https://www.facebook.com/R.C.books, http://ricky-cooper.co.uk/ and http://rickycooperbooks.blogspot.co.uk or email him at ricky.author_cooper@yahoo.co.uk

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