Orcs…Your Gonna Love This

Orcs...Your Gonna Love This

Path to the Gods: Part of Hyades Wars, book 1 in the Orcs series [Kindle Edition]

Throughout the Hyades Star Cluster and beyond is a vicious species known as orcs. Much bulkier and stronger than men, the orcs’ reputation as bloodthirsty killers and the fear that they strike into their victims’ hearts hasn’t been understated. For all of their treachery that has been documented by humans, few have been recognized as having any more intelligence than dogs; none have been credited with having the slightest bits of compassion.

However, an orc with such qualities does exist. Follow Nuttybomb, a backward, adolescent orc as he overcomes numerous struggles to lead his isolated world against an overwhelming force of barbaric orcs. Follow his struggles through uncharacteristic traits of humor, love, and intelligence while he catapults his maligned species into a new era, all amidst war and the dead rising. Follow him on a Path to the Gods!

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