Sherlock Holmes I Presume and I Presume Correctly – Masterfully Written

Sherlock Holmes I Presume and I Presume Correctly - Masterfully Written

Sherlock Holmes And The Case Of The Man-Made Vacuum [Kindle Edition]

Steampunk Victorian England is brought to life in this rousing tale of murder and intrigue featuring literature’s greatest detective: Sherlock Holmes. In an era of boilers and coal, inventor Samuel Brown finds himself persecuted for daring to apply his genius to the development of a kerosene powered internal combustion engine. Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson are tasked with uncovering the source of the conspiracy, and quickly find themselves in the web of a mysterious network capable of applying pressure at every turn. Among the henchmen in their opposition are several characters from England’s history with infamy to match the great sleuth’s acclaim. Not all is as it seems, but this Sherlock is equipped with brass enhancements, and has no qualms against fighting fire with scalding vapor and a rapier-quick mind. Excitement and adventure abound as Sherlock Holmes enters the world of Steampunk and finds the setting quite compatible with his unique and varied talents.

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