Arousal just reached new heights…WOW!!!

Arousal just reached a new heights...WOW!!!

The Other No 10 (The Sadie Series) [Kindle Edition]

Jo Jacobs’ debut novel, The Other No 10, is a raunchy romantic romp set in contemporary London and told through the eyes of four characters.

Sadie’s looking for a new guy to help fund her expensive lifestyle and is prepared to use her considerable sexual talents to achieve this.

Currency trader Leo is practically a virgin and Sadie can’t wait to get her hands on his hidden assets. Can she release Leo’s inner lion and make him roar?

Sadie’s innocent younger sister, Eva, is beginning to fall for Dickie, but why is he so reserved? Will she still like him when his dirty linen comes tumbling out of the closet?

These four characters’ stories unfold in this steamy tale of sex, drugs and secrets.

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