Love this story…If your looking for an adventure…You Found It!

Love this story...If your looking for an adventure...You Found It!

The Sail Weaver [Kindle Edition]

From the pen of Muffy Morrigan, author of the Custodes Noctis Series, comes a new adventure of a futuristic world of space exploration, rediscovered magic and a new age of tall ships with all the action and drama that is the stuff of legends and heroes.

Tristan is the most talented Weaver the Guild has produced. Since he was a child and started his training to become a Weaver of the great sails of the Navy’s galactic ships, he’s had no idea what fate had planned for him. Then came the Winged Victory, the largest ship ever built, and he is given the task of Weaving her magical sails.

With a unique bond and friendship with the Dragon Fenfyr and in the face of hostile politics, prejudice and the threat of invasion by a horrifying enemy known as the Vermin, Tristan sets out on an unexpected adventure and discovers all is not as it seems. There are forces who want to win against the Vermin no matter what the cost. Struggling against enemies from within and without, Tristan and his companions fight to save the Winged Victory and the last hope of survival for humanity.

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