Sex Crime Drama Sure To Knock Your Socks Off….

Sex Crime Drama Sure To Knock Your Socks Off....

Double Vision: A Quantum Suspense Novel [Kindle Edition]

A delightful suspense novel, zany characters, and a plot that will mess with your mind.

Dillon Richard is a straight-arrow genius with Asperger’s syndrome. He’s never told a lie. He’s never been kissed. And he’s never had a badass quantum computer. Until now.

In just a few days, Dillon will finish the software to crack the “unbreakable code” that bankers and terrorists use to guard their most valuable secrets.

Everybody’s going to want a piece of Dillon. The mafia. The NSA. And Dillon’s two beautiful co-workers, Rachel and Keryn.

Who’ll get him first?

Quirky Characters and a Hilarious Love Triangle.

Dillon has no idea how attractive he is to women. In fact, he has no idea how women think at all.

Dillon is terribly strait-laced, and he’s shocked to discover that his sexy co-worker Rachel Meyers doesn’t wear a bra. But Dillon’s in for a bigger surprise when well-endowed Keryn Wills shows him where she hid the quantum computer.

About the Author:

Randy Ingermanson holds a Ph.D. in theoretical physics from UC Berkeley. For no logical reason, he likes making up absurd geeky suspense stories instead of doing real work. This is probably a serious character defect, so be sure to tell everyone that his books are filled with dangerous ideas and are unfit for nice people to read.

Randy lived in San Diego for 18 years working as a computational physicist and scientific software ninja. He is furious at Dillon Richard, who is smarter, sexier, and generally more badass than Randy will ever be.

This book is based on quantum computer technology that is all too plausible. Technology that any criminal would sell his grandmother to get. Technology that makes the NSA unbearably twitchy. Technology that will be here, sooner or later.

Scroll up and click on the cover of Double Vision to read the first chapter. Can you guess what Dillon’s thinking when he looks at Rachel and Keryn at the same time?

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