Today was a good day for writing. I finished a short story that I’ve struggled with. It was an Historical Horror piece dealing with a returning Vietnam Vet. The horror part is where the piece lacks, though.

To me, horror is frightening. Not full of gore, but frightening stuff, like ghost. Lincoln, the Vampire Slayer is a piece of Historical Horror, although there is some gory scenes. 

So, the idea is to take a piece of history and make it horror, sounds simple. It is really but I have a tendency to over complicate the easy-as-pie thing every time.

 Since this is a soldier in Nam I figured he cussed like most soldiers I know. So I added a lot of F***’s to it and some other choice words. It sounded to me like it was spot on and some of the people who read it said it was to. But I had my doubts that it met the criteria for this particular anthology. I was right, so I toned it down a bit, and added some color. It flows pretty good from start to finish but it isn’t horrific enough. There are not any vampires, werewolves, ghost or goblins. It is about people…and people to me can be far dangerous than a vampire. I will have to work on this, because right now it sounds more Rod Sterling than horror.

While we are on the topic of horror, what is so scary about a Zombie? Don’t get me wrong, I love the Walking Dead, but if it was not for the back story of struggle to survive I would have lost interest a long time ago.

Zombies are wussies…there I said it.

Look realistically at it. Everything on them is soft including their skeletons. Hell you can drive a butter knife through their skull. They walk like drunks at 2 am, and for Pete’s sake they can’t think…at all. They are after one thing and one thing only, flesh to eat. So you set a trap, wait for them to come then stab them with butter knives, flame thrower, machine gun….oh and make sure you hit them in the head.

My Idea of Horrific is, The Thing. The thing is at the top of my list. Why, cause it can assume its’ host identity. The Thing can walk around as you do, mimicking you and no one would ever know.

I have an idea…but I need to chew on it for a bit.   


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