If you love her! You will fight to keep her!

If you love her! You will fight to keep her!

Opus: Episode 1 [Kindle Edition]

“A celestial spiral spins in the deepest night. It dances to the sound of distant rumbling. The tides of the infinite roll against the Aeon’s hull. The hearts of the people sing with you, and their hearts beat for the coming of that spinning spiral, because it brings great things. A word that represents the end of your old life echoes in your mind for more than one reason.”

—Thus said his dula.

Follow Ari as he battles for the right to marry his bride in a ritual aboard a ship called the Aeon, a place inhabited by highly advanced humans who have evolved along a specific line since leaving their planet long ago.

“There is nothing quite like science fiction. Its influence can be seen in all our modern innovations. Its reading enhances intelligence and creativity. Its powers are vast. Its worlds are colorful and beautiful. I feel that reading science fiction is a necessary part of modern life, for by reading it one can better connect with the world around them, and even more importantly, shape the world in which one lives.” -R.W. Taylor

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