Real-Estate WAR! A Great Book by a Great Author!

Real-Estate WAR! A Great Book by a Great Author!

Foreclosed (The Mitzy Neuhaus Mysteries, a Cozy Christian Collection, Book 1) [Kindle Edition]

itzy Neuhaus, tall, blonde, and stuck in the 80s, might be the top selling Realtor in Portlandia, but even her office is dead in this economy. Despite her complete faith that God and common sense can fix anything, she has found herself with a full staff and nothing to do–until her favorite run down mansion gets itself foreclosed, that is.

But with the homeowner desperate to keep Mitzy away from his property and Alonzo, the dangerously hot rival investor trying to snatch it out from under her, Mitzy knows she has to work fast, or the economy won’t be the only thing dead…

*Christian Cozy Mystery*


All eyes were on Mitzy. It had been a while since a promising call came in.

“Well?” Sabrina said.

“The Victorian is going into foreclosure!” Mitzy’s big blue eyes sparkled with excitement.

“The Baltimore Victorian?” Joan asked.

“Deb said movers were there last night, late. This morning all of the cars were gone and the house was dark.”

“No kidding? We’ve wanted that house for ages.” Joan and Mitzy had longed for the old house on Baltimore Street. The perfect bones of a Queen Anne Victorian mansion were like chocolate to Joan–irresistible.

The investment potential of that property was almost too much for Mitzy.

Mitzy dreamed of restoring it to its historic glory and selling it to someone with old money. There was always a market for the historically minded, since the best locations were so rarely for sale.
It was a great investment for Mitzy personally as well. The street was zoned commercial/residential. The big Victorian would make as great an office building as it would a home. But an office would not protect the value of Mitzy’s other Baltimore Street property. A restored vintage mansion, preferably on the historic register, would protect her property values nicely.

“I knew this market had to be good for somebody,” Ben moaned. Rehabbing an old house didn’t involve him until the very end.

Pause the proposal, Sabrina. We need to take a trip to Baltimore Street.”

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