Mail Call! Here are some answers to recent emails concerning this Blog.

I think I need to make it clear what this Blog is all about. Clarity is always good. I received lots of email asking various questions about my Blog. It would take a month of Sundays to answer all of them, so here is a list of answers. Hopefully you will find the answer you are looking for. If not email me at


1. I Plug books. Plugging books means – I present to those following my Blog, those on my Facebook Authors Page, and followers on Twitter with a book exposure. I look all over the web, but mainly of FB book sites, for Independent publications. I’m an Indie. I know how hard it is to market. So, I do this for free to give the Independent Author exposure. I also benefit from my book exposure and hopefully generate some sales from it.

2. Payment is never required. I do not charge anything for this service. I do it for free.

3. I do reviews occasionally. I do not do, review for review …that stuff is crap.

4. Do I read the books I plug? Some I have. Most are sitting in my, To Read Stack. I plug six books a day on average. I also work full-time, I‘m married, and have other interest…like my writing . I do read over each to get a feel for the story. I copy and paste from the sales sight of the book and the only thing I produce is a title for the post.

5. Genre? Sci-Fi, Horror, Crime Drama, Detective, Mystery. I also plug kids books, cook books, and many others. I will not plug erotica or gore. It is just my feeling on Erotica, anyone can produce a hot and steamy sex scene but very few can make it sensual, loving, and full of passion. Most erotica is cheap lustful words thrown together causing some poor slob to masturbate. I’m not in Junior High any more. I want romance filled with sensual words, phrases, and longing. Gore, pretty much falls into the same class. Anyone can produce a bloody scene. But few can make it feel and seem real. When they do, it is no longer called gore or porn, but it is called writing.

6. Contact info…you can send me email, also Facebook, my blog of course, Linkedin, Twitter…I’m not hard to find. In fact I look forward to hearing from you.

7. Yes, I do take submissions through email and messages on FB.

8. Featured Authors of the week, I choose and I alone. As of now the waiting list extends through August of 2015. I will and can make special exceptions. It depends on the Author and his/her achievements. If I’m told of an author who comes close to Russell Blake’s achievement of twenty-five books in thirty months…definitely, they would make the list right away.

9. Author introductions. Sure, I’m always willing to introduce new authors.

0. Books signings, and book launches are on a case by case basis, but I rarely say no.

11. What do I benefit from it? I’m here to help the Indie, whether they are green out of the box or a Vet with hundreds of books under their belt. I do this also to attract attention to my books and hopefully gain some sales from it. I place your books on here for free with the hopes of attracting attention to my own.

12. Book Requirements. That’s a tough one. I look for a book with a catchy title, and nice cover design. Their splash has to pull me in and make me want to read more. And if I do buy it or download it for free, I plug it. With that said, I want to make something clear about the cover. I understand new authors may not be able to hire an illustrator, or have the talent to create their own, or know of someone who is an artist willing to give a drawing, painting or picture. I do not solely use the cover and title has ear-marks. The splash, however, is the essence behind the author’s creativity and it does take some skill to master. I do depend on this aspect. I have turned down and sent reject emails based on this. The title was grabbing. The artwork superb. But the splash, well it told me nothing. On the other hand, I saw crappy titles, crappy artwork, but after reading the splash I had to read more. The splash aroused curiosity and I wanted to read more. Some of the best books are in plain Jane wrappers.

So, that’s it in a nut shell. If I did not answer your question, please feel free to send me an email

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