Hungry? Something is…and it’s eating people!


Eaters Kindle Edition

Something, or someone, is eating the citizens of Springfield. But Rick Randall and Johnnie Birdsong, Springfield Police Department night shift detectives are on the case–if they don’t get eaten themselves. Meanwhile, a couple of ne’er-do-well hackers working on a government research grant to listen for radio transmissions from outer space have hit the jackpot. Then there’s the ill-advised 20 year mission to a nearby star system which may or may not blow up in the mission director’s face. It’s like a made for TV disaster movie in book form, only better.

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Featured Author Of The Week Stephen Scott

Stephen Scott

Stephen Scott

Stephen P. Scott writes an eclectic mix of pseudo-biography, science fiction, contemporary fantasy and dystopian future. His love of literature influences his work and motivates his writing. After many years of writing everything from captions on scenic postcards to wine reviews in diners’ guides, Stephen turned to writing fiction. He has four novels published as e-books and a fifth, a sequel to Eaters, on the way. He has a degree in literature from the University of Oklahoma and dabbles in various forms of visual arts. Other interests include model building and dog rescue.

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