My 500th post…

grammar-nazi_00250146This is my 500th post…and I feel like being a rebel…It is a small milestone, still a feat. Mostly I plug books and authors, which means there are 450 Indie (Independent authors) who received exposure they otherwise might not have gotten, I take pride in this.

We all need help. Whether it be with spelling, word usage, editing, dialogue, character development …or just building a base, a blog, a web page, or promotion…GOD knows I need all the help I can get…

We all need encouragement. We get down. Bad reviews, relatives telling you to hang it up, spouses telling you to get a new “hobby”, your friends laugh at you. Then you hear from those who never wrote anything more then an essay in school…they have the nerve to tell you writing a book is easy. They may say you are not as good as Koontz, or King, or whoever, and they ONLY read books by them, so do not even bother offering your books to “me” (don’t worry I won’t). You feel discouraged.

We keep plugging away. We keep doing what we do because we love it. Writing, the expression of ideas, thoughts, stories, fiction, non-fiction … across a wide spectrum of genres and media. (Yeah, that’s a fragmented sentence for all you grammar Nazis, and you know what….it felt good.)

We publish in digital, paperback, hardcover, comics, novels, short stories, anthologies, in series, and signal.

We belong to groups both on the internet and in person.

We receive support from our fellow authors, and really, who is better to give support than another author? We understand the long hours of solitude pumping out a story, polishing, and editing. Together, we struggle through the muck and mire…then in the end, we stand holding the book. The story.

And that’s what it is all about…the story. It doesn’t matter if your Koontz, King, Bradbury…it is the story man! It does not matter the media. It does not matter the critics, it ultimately matters only to you. You are the writer, the artist. You are the one placing your shingle out there for the trolls, and for the world to either like or not.

So, tell you story. Authors abound and they are willing to help…in fact most will feel insulted if you do not. We all started with an idea. Kings first big seller, Carrie, he threw away. His wife rescued it from the landfill. We all get discouraged and feel worthless.

Ask a fellow writer…I’m sure they will be more than glad to help you.

With that said, I feel like doing something really rebellious in celebration of my 500th post…I think I will go drop a clause in Hitler’s lap.

Ladies and Gentlemen May I Introduce You to Norm Clark

Norm Clark

Norm Clark

Norm Clark has two action packed thriller novels available (“Resurrected” and the recently published “The Saladin Strategy”) in the Jack McDuff series in ebook and print formats. Work has begun on number three.
The genre and writing style of his work was dictated by his upbringing and choice of friends through the years. He was born and raised in a military environment, which, to a large degree, set the tone for the genre. Input and stories from friends (a couple of Navy Seals, a Force Recon marine, and a Viet Nam era Air America pilot) greatly influenced the plot-lines and writing style.

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Insane…Crazy you say? What is it that deems one worthy of a straightjacket? The answers are hidden within…Read and you’ll see.

Insane...Crazy you say? What is it that deems one worthy of a straightjacket? The answers are hidden and you'll see.  within

The Asylum Within [Kindle Edition]

An Anthology of Horrifying Tales. See the madness that dwells within us all…

A man seeking answers to his troubled past gets more than he bargained for. A trip to the barber isn’t what it seems. Love follows a bloody path to redemption, or destruction. The freezing darkness of space envelops a mans soul. The horrible things that dwell just outside your field of vision are stalking you, and there is no escape. These and other tales await you the Asylum Within. We bid you welcome…