Need some fantasy and action? Here is the book for you!

Need some fantasy and action? Here is the book for you!

War of the Black Tower: Part One of a Dark Epic Fantasy Trilogy (Song of the Broken World: An Epic Fantasy Adventure / Sword and Sorcery Series) [Kindle Edition]

When a dark power rises, only a doomed prince can stand against it.
“The War of the Black Tower: Part One of a Dark Epic Fantasy Trilogy” is a swashbuckling epic fantasy adventure. Imagine the reach of J.R.R. Tolkien, the propulsive action of Robert E. Howard and the modern grit of George R. R. Martin, and you’ll have some idea of the thrills awaiting you in “The War of the Black Tower: Part One of a Dark Epic Fantasy Trilogy”.
Baleron is the youngest son of the king of Havensrike, a land eternally at war with the dark empire of Oslog to the south. Ruled by Gilgaroth, the legions of Oslog have continually striven to tear down the works of man and sweep the world in darkness. For eons the dark masses have awaited their lord’s Chosen One, he who will be appointed by Gilgaroth to usher in the next age of shadow.

That time is now. Baleron, though a womanizer and rogue, the black sheep of the royal family one step from being kicked out of the castle, is loyal to the kingdoms of the north and wants only to redeem himself in his father’s eyes. But as Baleron leads his sister Rolenya’s wedding party through the treacherous Aragst Mountains, they’re set upon by the dark powers, and the thralls of Gilgaroth call out to Baleron in worship, calling him the Chosen One.

˃˃˃ This is just the beginning of Baleron’s epic journey of action, romance, wonder and discovery in “War of the Black Tower: Part One of a Dark Epic Fantasy Adventure Trilogy”. He’ll know battle, hardship, the enmity of a terrible dragon, and all the terror of Oslog before he can find out what it means to be the Chosen One of Gilgaroth, and what it takes to throw off his dark destiny.
“The War of the Black Tower” is a great place to join the series, as it features a whole different set of characters and story than its predecessor, “War of the Moonstone: an Epic Fantasy”. It and its sequels Part Two and Three form a complete epic fantasy trilogy.

You can find Part Two here:

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Part Three is available here . . .

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Or you can find the whole trilogy collected into one volume in the Box Set. . .

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Scroll up and grab “The War of the Black Tower: A Dark Epic Fantasy Adventure: Part One” .

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