Taking a trip…You will want to take this with you.

Taking a trip...You will want to take this with you.

Traveling the U.S.: Utah [Kindle Edition]

This photo-based tour of Utah includes over 60 pictures from the following historic locations: Salt Lake temple, Utah State Capitol, the Beehive House, the Lion House, Temple Square, several important LDS buildings, a railroad town (Echo, UT), and Park City (with the Utah Olympic Park.)

This Weeks Featured Author is Nancy Furner

This Weeks Featured Author is Nancy Furner Nancy Furner Is a Blogger with an extensive collection of stories . In her own words: This collection began shortly after my marriage, as my husband’s parents began to fill me in on the early years in the life of the man I married. He is the “baby” of the extraordinarily talkative family, and the stories are legion. As I got acquainted with my husband’s brother and sister, and their spouses, the collection began to grow. After my siblings began to acquire husbands and wives, it grew larger. It would be a gross disservice to keep this treasure to myself, so I present it to you, the world, in the hope that you enjoy these little tales as much as did I and the people who told them to me!