You want protection… Buddy? I’ll fight for ya…I’ll fight Hell For ya!!

I want protection, Buddy? I'll fight for ya...I'll fight Hell For ya!!

A Temple Made Without Hands [Kindle Edition]

Corporal David Castle has seen the worst war had to offer, or so he thought. Now, in a world overrun by the demonically possessed, he and his men much decent into the very pits of hell to protect the future of humanity….

Ladies and Gentlemen May I Introduce You to Dara Rochlin

Dara Rochlin

Dara Rochlin



I love books.  I love editing. I love watching words flow and ebb on the page.  I love when it works and I even love when it doesn’t work.  I love the ability to find the right way to fix a sentence to make it flow.   I love being a wordsmith.

My job is to provide the help you need to achieve your goals with your writing.

I do grammar, content, spelling, proofreading, character development, line editing, and beta reading.

  • Developmental/ Project Editing
  • Structural Editing
  • Copy/Line Editing
  • Stylistic Editing
  • Manuscript Editing
  • Self Publishing – Create Space, Lulu, Smashwords
  • Proofreading
  • Fact Checking & Research
  • Resume Proofreading

Every writer does not need the same amount of effort and time even when selecting the same service, so my intention is to customize the price based on the writer’s needs.

I give you an honest opinion of your story with specific notes, comments and questions to strengthen your writer’s voice.  I brainstorm with you and offer advice on how to make your book more marketable, to give you the best final product before you go to publication.

I will take five pages of your book and work my magic. You’ll see what sort of input you’re going to get and I will give you a bespoke quote based on the level of work that will be required to get your story perfect for publication.

I charge $20 an hour.

Payment plans are accepted.  I accept PayPal and Chase Quick Pay.

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Run Baby Run! A thrill on every page…Must read!

Run Baby Run! A thrill on every page...Must read!

The Hunt [Kindle Edition]

THE HUNGER GAMES meets FIFTY SHADES OF GREY in this dystopian science-fiction novel.

Great Britain in the year 2068. A totalitarian government has passed laws victimising racial minorities, prohibiting homosexuality, and preventing women from voting or having abortions. When a feminist group launches a terrorist attack, the state responds by creating The Hunt, a weekly contest in which ten randomly selected women are pursued by ten male Hunters across an abandoned district of London.

Mara Gorki is a successful crime novelist trying to keep her lesbian relationship with film critic Yuke Morishita a secret. Horrified by what is happening in the country, she seldom leaves her apartment, attempting to create a private universe where she and her lover can hide. But the external world comes crashing in when Mara is conscripted into The Hunt. After discovering what Hunters do to the women they capture, Mara enters the contest determined to elude her pursuers. The odds may be against her, but the consequences of failure are too terrifying to contemplate.

This Plain Cover holds unspeakable terror…read it with all the lights on…or off if your daring.

This Plain Cover holds unspeakable it with all the lights on...or off if your daring.

The Unveiling [Kindle Edition]

Nine Tales of terror from
Michael Porter and Stanton McCaffery

The Unveiling
Read the journal of a man trapped in a world overrun by the demonically

Voided Spaces
Listen to the tale of a man driven mad by his fear of dark empty spaces,
and the things that lie hidden in them.

Transcend time and space as a scientist is forced to relive the same few
days over and over in an endless hell of his own making.

The Madness
Run through the streets of Atlanta as a new chemical weapon turns everyday
people into mindless killing machines.

The Screaming Void
See an airplane overrun by horrible inhuman creatures with a taste for

Town of Peace
Feel the chill of hikers chased through the wilderness by the undead.

These and other tales lie in
the dark pages of The Unveiling!