Ladies and Gentlemen, May I introduce to you a new Author, Holli Spaulding

Holli Spaulding

Holli Spaulding

I am a writer, mother, Coast Guard military wife, nerf gun ninja, Guns N Roses addict, and an avid reader. Right now I resided in the beautiful state of Hawaii with my awesome (most of the time) hubby and 4 amazing (unless they are smearing peanut butter on the walls)kids. When I’m not chasing my boys around, or being a troop leader for my daughter’s Girl Scout troop, I enjoy going to the beach and relaxing with my latest book find. I love music, and a lot of my inspiration comes from the songs that I hear. I have a blog that I am truly awful at updating. I’ve maybe written two entries, but If you’d like, follow me for updates on book releases and other random thoughts that I may have!



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