Cleve Sylcox, On Writing



First, and for most, I’m an under-achiever … the label stamped on my forehead by many colleges and colleagues. I wanted you to know this before we started. I’m not a New York Times Author nor do I make my living writing…I’m a geek. Writing to me is simply a means of expression, an outlet for stress and anxiety. I write because I love to write and others love to read the stories, and poems. However, I do want my work read by everyone so I do follow the “rules” sort of. I also would like to quit my geek job and be a full-time writer. Sometimes, it is an up hill climb…I lack the talent and skills to achieve my goals. I do cling to something the Wizard gave me, and that is courage.

Where talent fails and where skills flee,

I have the courage to present my wares

no matter how lack luster they might be.

I use to write with no thought of editing or even proofreading. I wrote randomly, without care or regard to the reader. I uploaded my books to Lulu, made a shoddy cover and Wa-la …a book was born. I had climbed a Mountain. I stood on the precipice with my chest out ready to crow like a rooster.

The mountain was only teasing me and wanted me to leave. The task was not conquered; it was not even tamed. This heap of rock was only allowing me a small taste of achievement through writing.

After many bad reviews based on editing…I slunk off the peak and slid into an euphony – you must edit; proof is a necessity; secure your lines as you climb the mountain or you will tumble-down and the landing will always hurt.

After consoling many writer friends and reading an endless barrage of books on the subject of Writing, I came to several conclusions.

1. Write with passion.

2, Write for a particular audience,

3. Pick a genre and stay with it.

4. …and above all else, edit, edit, edit, edit…then edit some more.

Over the next few weeks, I will take each of these and go further in detail.

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