Today has been one of those deja-views days.

Some people have deja-view moments…a passing glimpse of something making them feel like, “Hey, I have been here,” or “I have done this before.” Me too. None, however, that has lasted this long.

It started just after Mid-night. I took our basenji out for a late night stroll. The spring evening constitutional I hoped would help resolve an issue in my current story. While he sniffed about I noticed the air…it was still and smelled fresh, warm. Leaves, hung as solemn ornaments. Humidity was on the rise, I could feel it. Standing on the edge of grass and concrete, I gazed down Ken Dr. and felt the deja creep over me.
I lived in this neighborhood all my life. This view of street, trees, and star filled sky was familiar but last night it was surreal. I found myself in a summer’s night after a very hot day. The air felt sticky but cool. Dead still, no noise, not even from the nearby interstate or from the busy streets. Silence. At what point in time I do not know, but I felt young again.
Pepper rubbed against my leg, pulling me back. I did not want to leave. The place he wanted me to abandon was peaceful, familiar but yet different.
Inside the house, although with unlike furnishing, remains as it was back in my youth. Good friends lived here and I spent days to numerous to count in the yard or out on the porch.
My sleep was void of dreams. Several times a jolt woke me after a few minutes, or hours. I do not know what the jolt was. It felt like an electrical shock.

Now, along with the deja, the word “breathe” populates my thoughts. I pick up a book and the word jumps out at me. It is everywhere. Even while browsing through blogs. Don Charisma post today is about breathing, and Pink Floyds song, Breathe.
What this means I do not know. Something uncanny I suppose, but still not sure of its meaning. That is, if it holds a meaning. Sometimes I think I allow my imagination too much control.
Well, anyway, I will breathe and take things easy for the rest of the day. I wonder how long this feeling will last?

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