Today or Tomorrow


What's Your Excuse Note Means Explain Procrastination

I dream of writing,

A book people love,

A book people admire,

Not one that they shove.


It will be an original,

Nothing like it before,

New York will be calling,

Or the West Coast for sure,


I know that I am ready,

So here is the first word, Murder,

Not sure what the second will be,

I will have to explore further,


You see I am a want to be,

I strive to be like the best,

I have several stories,

Time to put a novel to test.


Oh if only I were like you know who,

Or a certain so and so,

I would be writing all the time,

But I hurt my elbow,


The faucet is dripping,

And the dog needs outside,

Car repairs are mounting,

Why don’t I just curl up and die?


To many distractions,

Facebook and all,

If I were a loner,

Is that Baseball?


I make up excuses,

For not writing, you see,

But after all no ones to blame,

Except little ole’ me.


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