I whom do I trust


In whom I do trust.


I wake up to your beauty,

I see a magnificent world,

You are the stone of plenty,

In you, our lives unfurl,


I raise my hands to you in praise,

I knell to your power and grace,

You gave your all on Calvary,

To you I give my praise,


There is nothing I can give you,

There is nothing in you to forgive,

You are holy and righteous lord,

By you my soul does live,


Fear does flee from me,

Strength of armies in me abound,

Although old and fat I fight for you,

And make this land holy ground.


Who can stand against you,

What power fights your rule,

Sin it is all around me,

I hold tight to you my jewel,


You are a precious emerald,

You are a solid rock,

You are the gift of life,

In whom I do trust.



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