Book Review – Generations by John Reinhard Dizon



Review of, Generations by John Reinhard Dizon

John Reinhard Dizon is one of the most gifted writers that I ever read. It was a pleasure reading Generations. His smooth eloquence in transition carries a touch of Dickens, a hint of Hemingway, and a dash of Orwell. However, Dizon has a gift of style all his own which eclipses the talents of most modern day writing artist. I look forward to reading more of his works.

Generations is a compelling story of not only a family whose loves and tragedies span the ages, but of a world growing from the pains of Roman occupation of Britain to today’s chaotic world. The characters burst with life and speak naturally with bountiful words and deeds. I scarcely began the story and it’s over. I was immersed from the very start right to its end. You will find heartwarming scenes that move you to a sigh, and comic relief thrown that will have you chuckling. And of course, tears will flow as age, time, and wars provide back drops for this soul inspiring tale.

I recommend reading this story along with the many others John has to offer…I can’t wait to read the next story following from the mind of John Reinhard Dizon.

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