A Prayer on a Shining Star – By Joshua Sylcox 3/2/2014


I look up to the sky.

I take a breath.

The air is cold and un-wanting.

Fingers and toes are numb.

I have no places of my own to call home.

I have no place to go no place to stay.

No places to call my own.

My only companion is the biter cold and the shoulders of the people that I thought loved me.

But all I feel is the bitter cold that comes from their shoulders as they turn and walked away.

Their love turns to some thing strange and un-wanting.

I fight to show my love for them but I get nothing back in return.

Along with the hurt and loneliness’, comes the cold, bitter cold that consumes all other emotion and eats at ones soul and my heart consumed by it.

I get lost in despair as I look at the world I once wanted to hold and embrace with open arms’ know want to see burn.

I sit on a park bench.

I look up to the sky and I ask God why, why is all of this happening why.

I wish I had some one to love.

Someone that saw me for who I am and understood me.

Please god there has to be someone that can love me.

In the sky I see a star its bright but fading like me.

It looks likes it has sorrow with it of its own.

I put my hands up to it grab it and hold it.

It’s so warm but even with its sorrows and troubles I welcome it with open arms.

I look down at the now fading star and its growing brighter and brighter and now I’m not cold any more. Then I felt something I hadn’t in a long time.

It felt familiar.

I look again I see a face, a face that I liked.

Looking at a face that brought me joy and happiness.

I feel my soul begin to light up.

I feel this over whelming sense of joy that I can hardly contain.

All of a sudden the star has arms and it uses them to hold me.

I put my arms around her and it says to me I feel safe with you.

My heart stirs and I feel tears come to my eyes they are tears of overwhelming joy that I had never felt before.

My body is now warm and the coldness as left.

I feel what I haven’t in a long time.

Could this be?

Could this be what I’ve been seeking for so long?

She looks at me and those eyes told me every thing I wanted to know.

Answered all of my questions.

They feed me.

Feed my soul and my heart her words and laughter gave me joy.

Then I asked her a question.

I asked if I could kiss her and she said yes.

So we did.

It was as if it was my very first kiss.

I didn’t ever want anther kiss from another because that kiss did something that nobody else’s had ever done.

It awakened my soul made me shine so bright that you could see my happiness.

Then she took me by the hand and we shot up to the havens and became two stars shinning side by side. Never to leave each other and I wasn’t alone ever again now I had a home.

I found my place of my own.

I finally found some places that I belonged and I finally found that person that I belonged with and finally loved me for me.

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