Don’t Look Into His Eyes If You Have Something To Hide…Love This Book!

Don't Look Into His Eyes If You Have Something To Hide...Love This Book!

Private Eye: Cameron Caldwell Mystery [Kindle Edition]

Ex-cop Cameron Caldwell swears he’ll never work for a police department again. But, after getting a DUI in his police cruiser it isn’t really an issue. The real issue now is staying alive. Cameron knows secrets that could cost him his life and flees to what he hopes is a quiet mountain retreat. Launching a detective agency in the town of Miner’s Bluff, he unknowingly stumbles into a world of murder, moonshine, shifty characters, and even deeper secrets.

But the biggest secret belongs to him. It’s the cornerstone of all his troubles. Cam can look into another’s eyes and see their darkest sin—their most evil act. And it’s beginning to take a toll on his sanity.

The murder investigations of his past and present collide as Cam tries to keep his life from unraveling and his eyes from tearing him apart.

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